I will come to you when its convenient for your family and the shoot will take around 2 hours. My approach is to capture those tender moments between you and your kids. Ones that there isn't often a camera around to document. Its more about spending time with you in your life as you live it than about posing and placing you in certain positions. By investing in capturing these fleeting moments you'll have a slice of life as it is now, forever. 

Includes access to a sharable online gallery of the photos from your session as well as access to a professional, photo lab for premium photographic prints, and wall display products.


If you are interested in having your birth photographed (independent of doula suport) I offer this service for $950. I am on call 24/7 the two weeks before your EDD until the birth of your babe. I will join you once labor has established a regular pattern and stay up to 2hrs after the birth. Please contact me for additional details. 

BIRTH DOULA SUPPORT *Please note: I am taking a temporary break from Birth Doula Support as I prepare for the birth of my second babe. Please contact me if you would like referrals to other local doulas, I will happily connect you!*
Birth doula support includes one complimentry initial visit, two prenatal visits and one postnatal visit as well as unlimited support via phone and email. I am available 24/7 week from week 38 until the birth of your baby. If you are interested in having any portion of your birth experience captured I'll include my photography for a small additional fee. Please contact me for current rates. 


In celebration of the concept of the 4th trimester I am pleased to offer my postpartum services at a rate of $35/hr. Packages of 10 hours are available for $325. My goal in this role is to free your mind from all of the distractions that come with daily life so that you can relax and enjoy your baby. Postpartum support also includes infant care, mama wellness, breastfeeding support, cooking and errands. If you have any questions about  postpartum support and what it entails, please reach out.  


Placenta encapsulation can be helpful for rebalancing your hormones after labor, replenishing iron, and with milk production. I have also found them to have energizing qualities, which is incredibly helpful as you adjust to motherhood. I offer this service as an add-on for my clients for $200. This includes a tincture that you can hold onto for helping you move through life transitions and even menopause. For mamas who are not my clients, but are interested in having their placentas encapsulated, I offer this service for $250. If you live in SF or the North Bay I charge an additional $50 travel fee for pickup and delivery of your placenta pills.