My role as your doula is to help you approach birth as an experience to be celebrated. I offer grounding support and a variety of techniques to empower you while also making space to let your own intuition guide you through this transformative time.

Prenatally, I provide the information you and your partner need to feel well informed going into your birth. In the postpartum time, my support continues helping you both transition into parenthood.

Birth is a rite of passage and is a huge deal. It operates in a way that contradicts most of the ways the modern world functions. It knows no time and for the most part doesn’t require technology. Birth is a celebration of what women are capable of – bringing new life into the world.

Any woman who wants to engage in how their birth story evolves deserves resources and advocates to assist her in that process. As a doula it is my honor to share with other women the great wealth of knowledge and support that exists in the Bay Area.

Birth Doula Training @ Natural Resources
Postpartum Doula Training @ Cornerstone

Homebirth for Doulas @ Cornerstone
Neonatal Resusitation Workshop with Karen Strange
Lactation Training for Doulas, Midwives, & Others @ East Bay Lactation Associates