My name is Ellen, I’m based in Oakland, California. This business is a culmination of my love of photography and my reverence for the life altering experience of pregnancy and birth. Before Photography and Doula work I studied Graphic Design and Urban Studies, both of which fostered my love of exploration and documentation. I am passionate about forming unique relationships with my clients and the creative expression that comes with photography. I love capturing moments that show connection and finding those times when people are at their their most honest and real. My job as your photographer is to document the inherent beauty in your everyday. 

On the birth side, I have one son of my own and am expecting another peanut in the late summer. During my first pregnancy, I sought out resources that helped me to feel empowered and positive about my upcoming birth. Through that experience, I choose homebirth because that felt like it was the model that would best support the kind of pregnancy and birth I envisioned for myself.

Birth was the most intense experience of my life, but also the most empowering. I regularly draw upon that experience and anticipate that it will continue inform my decision making as I move through life. That knowledge helps me move through parenting and life challenges with more grace and with greater compassion for myself.

I look forward to meeting you and celebrating your experience, wherever you may be on your journey.